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Meal Plan Menu

Plant Based Meal
Tofu Salad
Weekly Meal Prep Monthly Subscription


 Freshly made, Nutrition packed breakfast, lunch & dinner options tailored to your dietary needs. Delivered to your home weekly. 

Below are example meal options.



Breakfast Meals

-Sweet potato bowl; slow roasted sweet potatoes with quinoa, a hard boiled egg, red onion, black beans, fresh spinach and your choice of turkey bacon or tempeh bacon.

-Breakfast Burrito made with whole wheat tortilla, eggs, refried black beans, braised kale, roasted sweet potatoes and a side of avocado/cilantro lime sauce.

-Overnight oats; rolled oats with your choice of almond or soy milk topped with fruit of your liking and hemp seeds



- Beet Salad; Roasted red and golden beets garnished with chopped walnuts, fresh dill and Lemon infused olive oil.

-Spinach & Arugula Salad; fresh strawberries and avocado on a bed of fresh spinach/arugula mix garnished with chopped almonds, dried cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette.

-Citrus Salad; slices of fresh pink and red grapefruit, navel oranges and blood oranges garnished with chopped pecans, dates, olive oil, fresh mint and rose water. (seasonal)


Lunch Meals

Tacos; your choice of grilled chicken or pan fried/baked breaded tofu with sautéed red onions garnished with micro cilantro with your choice of chipotle aioli or avocado lime sauce and a side of plantain chips with guacamole.

-BBQ Sandwich; your choice of slow cooked chicken, beef or dragon fruit in house made bbq sauce on a whole grain hoagie bun with pickled red onions, carrots and micro cilantro.

-Rice bowl; choice of grilled chicken or beyond the meat, broccoli, brown rice, micro-cilantro, black beans and grilled bell pepper/onion mix. Choice of avocado lime sauce or chipotle aioli.


Dinner Meals

-Turkey meatballs with house made red sauce and butter squash spaghetti

-Roasted curried cauliflower on a bed of fresh spinach, arugula and red cabbage garnished with red quinoa and olive oil

-Sockeye salmon with wild rice and grilled broccolini.

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